Light Plots

Here you will find the light plots from a few of the shows I've designed. All of these plots are drawn with Vectorworks/Spotlight. Please be aware, these are shrunk down images of the plots, not the actual Vectorworks file. These were made by exporting the Vectorworks file to a JPEG and shrinking it down in photoshop so the file size would be manageable enough for you view the plot without waiting all day for it to load. You will not be able to make out much detail or really read it, you'll just get a sense of the what the overall plot looks like.

  • The Mystery of Irma Vep - Penobscot Theatre Company; Bangor, ME; Sept. 2001
  • American Indian Dance Theatre Touring Plot Redrafted January, 2002
  • Annie Warbucks MOC Musicals; Montclair, NJ; April 2002
  • Eleemosynary/Duck Variations plot; Lawrenceville School; Lawrenceville, NJ; October 2002
  • Eleemosynary/Duck Variations section
  • The Adjustment plot New Jersey Rep; Long Branch, NJ; June 2003
  • Les Miserables (student version) plot Buck's Rock Creative and Performing Arts Camp; New Milford, CT; Aug. 2003
  • Foreign Exchange plot Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey; Madison, NJ; Feb. 2004
  • Lemonade plot New Jersey Rep; Long Branch, NJ; April 2004
  • Song of Grendelyn plot Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey; Madison, NJ; April 2005
  • A Girl Called Dusty Plot Provincetown Repertory Theatre; Provincetown, MA; July 2005
  • The Countess Yvonne Arnaud Theatre; London, England; April 2005 (drafted for Douglas Filomena)
    For this plot, I had to convert hard copies of the plans of the theatre and the set from the metric system.