Buck's Rock 2003 reunion pictures.....sort of

Sort of??? Ok, I got a new digital camera since camp ended. It's a 5 megapixel, it does videos, etc. Basically it takes much better pictures than my old one did. Unfortunately, when I got to reunion with the intention of taking tons of pictures, I turned on my camera and discovered that it was broken. All I could see on the LCD screen was garbage. So I put the camera away and I'd have no pictures from this year's reunion. After reunion a bunch of us went to Planet Hollywood. As we were waiting (forever) for our table, it occurred to me that the camera would still probably take pictures and save them to the memory stick.....it was just the screen that was broken. I just wouldn't be able to see the pictures until I uploaded them in to the computer. With that new realization I started taking pictures. But I only have a few. Here they are.....

a group of us waiting endlessly for our table

Laura Dadap and Jason Zimbler

Danielle DeVito, Julia Adolphe, Julian Olidort, Rebbekah Vegaromero....did I spell that right?

Marc Richter, Nicky Hajal, Roger Bailey

Laura....from Ork. Does that date me too much?

Nicky Hajal looking up Kim Basinger's dress......with Danielle picking his nose??

If anyone wants copies of these to print, I have higher resolution versions I would be happy to email you. You just have to let me know.

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