In the Mood Tour - Fall 2005

The Show Itself

Occassionally we actually had to do the show. The following are pictures I took at various venues throughout the tour. Keep in mind I had to take these pictures while running the light board and calling follow spot cues.


Look at them now...

...and now...

Hep like a hepper

Hot like a pepper

East Bumfuch....that's short for we couldn't make it all the way to West Bumfuch so we'll set up camp right here.

Mr. Noah Brandmark on the Saxophone

Sometimes I had to call the show from a mile away.

My Stardust Memory...

St. Louis Blues March


I don't know where we're goin' but we're goin'

Dig, dig, dig, Well all right...

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You.

The Tumbling Tumbleweed

My Stardust Memory...again

Kiss me once...

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey...

It's a junction, where the tugboats meet...

"Oh, they're doing Boogie Woogie Bugle night is complete now."

And when he Plaaaayyyyyzzzzz...


Tomorrow just you wait and see...

"Oh Bertha, this was a WONDERFUL program."

"I wonder where they go next. I hope I get to ask them..."

"Oh look Gertrude, They're a choo choo train."

"Oh, there's those two dancers again."

"Ohh aren't they great, Rose?"

Is stardust memory?

It is...again

"Oh Etabelle, he's so funny."

This is what the show looks like to me. Cue 65, Type: Allfade, Time: 1, Blackout.

Psst! Can I have a little less suck in my rear?

"Oh. It's in French Mildred."

"Are you sure that's French Mabel?"

"Oh. The Andrews Sisters. Weren't they great Ethel?"

"Ooh Ester, I love Apple Blossom....should we clap?"

"What'd she say, Eugene?"

"Ooh look, Sol...she's a nurse."

"Oh, she's thinking about her sailor."

"Oh look Bernie, there he is."

"Stand up Abraham, you were in the Cub Scouts."