In the Mood Tour - Fall 2005

Ah...some forced fun and a day off in historic Plymouth, MA.

Here are some pictures from a day of sightseeing when we visited Devil's Tower (a stone formation made famous by the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind); the Crazy Horse memorial sculpture, and Mt. well as pictures from our day off in Plymouth about 6 or 7 weeks later.

There's Devil's Tower.

A group of us near the big rock.

The big rock again.

Brian and Christina are enjoying their stroll around the big rock.

Brian in front of the rock.

Wendy in front of the rock.

Me in front of the rock. Brandon's in front of the rock.

Hey...there's that rock again...

Some people felt they needed a closer look at the rock.

Nicole, Elise, Wendy and Christina posing in front of some trees....but don't worry, these trees are near the rock.

The rock.


A field full of prairie dogs. They also like to look at the rock.

A prairie dog trying to get a closer look at the rock.

Crazy Horse.

Me in front of Crazy case you doubted that I was actually there.

A white horse, with Crazy Horse on it.

Christina and the horse.

Tom and the horse...just keep that hoof away from the shoulder

The horse attacking Brian.

"Sniff my finger."

Hey baby...


I think I'll name it....Steven.

Hey...can I hitch a ride?

Part of Mt. you see what I see????

Um...which president is this supposed to be? OH..President Bush! this a natural formation?

Can you say you've had 4 presidents between YOUR legs?

Look, we're presidents.

Look, I'm a president.

Look, Brian's a president.

Look, Christina's a president.

Hey...Christina got re-elected.

The crew.

Me giving a sermon in the 17th century church. No one was in there to make sure we we didn't.

The upstairs of the church...Christina riding around on the 17th century broom.

The Mayflower.

What a coincidence that the rock where the Pilgrims landed happened to have the year carved in it. Must have been those crazy native teenagers.