In the Mood Tour - Fall 2005

Signs, Signs, Everywhere is signs....

Here are some signs we passed in our travels that we thought were funny, and were able to get the camera out in time to capture.

Don't know why, but we thought this was funny.

Well, I'd like to go to Pizza Hut....but ONLY if AMY is there!!

Hey...Paul gets his very own exit??

Finally...we hit the motherload! says Woody...

Oh yeah? Well, your mother lived in a trailer park!


What number do I have to call for that taxi?? I think NOT!

Ooh...I like them. They're funny.

No thanks...I think I'll keep on driving, thank you...

Well that's a colorful road.

No comment necessary...

Bible study?? On TV??

Look closely at the name of this hotel. I want to know what president has ever stayed there...

WHAT??? Brandon gets his own exit too??

Really?'s what we've been searching for.

Um...I like fries...

What'd you call me?!?