Winterizing the Summer House

Lighting Design by:

Jeff Greenberg

Winterizing the Summer House by Gino DiIorio was produced by the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, NJ in January/February 2003. It was directed by Jackie Berger, with set design by Fred Kinney, costume design by Patricia Doherty, and sound design by Neal Arluck.

"....the capable cast is aided enormously by Jeff Greenberg's richly textured and evocative lighting." - Tom Chesek; Asbury Park Press; February 4, 2003

In the summer cottage in Martha's Vineyard, Abbi and Steven try to choose photos for Steven's exhibit.

Steven's old friend and colleague, John, unexpectedly shows up.

After John goes to freshen up, Steven and Abbi discuss the sudden change in their dinner plans.

Later that night, the three of them reminisce over dinner and drinks.

They enjoy more drinks. (They drink a lot)

They've decided to go fishing for squid in the middle of the night.

After Steven goes to bed, John and Abbi enjoy some late light conversation and flirting.

The next day, Abbi shows John some of her work, despite Steven's warning that John is a womanizer.

Steven contemplates how much trouble John has gotten into with his female students.

John sits alone on the moonlit beach after Steven embarassed him in front of Abbi about his past troubles.

Feeling sorry for John, Abbi comes to the beach to talk to him, where he will promptly make a pass at her.

The next morning, Steven is packing up for the winter.