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In the Mood Tour Photos:
Fall 2005 tour
AIDT Tour Photos:
Spring - 2004 tour
Fall - 2003 tour

Links to other people:

  • - This is Esme's site. She's my former roommate, Rock Superstar, and all around cool person.
  • William Kenyon - Lighting and Sound Designer based at University of Nebraska.
  • Michael Klima - another lighting designer, D.C. based.
  • Jason Arnold - yet another lighting designer, fellow Red Sox fan, and self proclaimed "all around cool guy". D.C based.
  • Sam Kusnetz (a.k.a. The Urban Matador) - Sound Designer new to Portland, OR. Check out his amusing site.
  • Gary John LaRosa - NYC based director and choreographer.
  • Father Toste, CSC - Catholic Priest, Actor, and the man who originally sparked my interest in theatre.
  • Dean Radinovsky - a painter. Go here to view his work and buy one of his paintings.
  • Ames Adamson - A very talented actor I've worked with a number of times.
  • Merek Royce Press - NYC based sound designer; composer; web sites designed, maintained, and hosted; and in home PC tech support.

    Theatre related links:

  • ETC - Manufacturer of some very fine lighting equipment. The finest, in my opinion.
  • High End Systems - Manufacturer of some very fine moving lights and Wholehog consoles.
  • John McKernon - the man who created Lightwright and Beamwright. What would I do with out them?
  • Rosco - maker of fine theatrical products.
  • Production Advantage - supplier of theatrical products. You won't find better prices anywhere! And be sure to buy one of their T-shirts....I designed it!
  • - Theatre news.

    Other Links

  • Friends of Buck's Rock
    Non-profit organization that promotes the educational ideals of the founders of Buck's Rock Work Camp. Friends of Buck's Rock has two primary goals: uniting the alumni community of Buck's Rock and a Scholarship Fund which sends deserving adolescents to Buck's Rock on full scholarship.

    Pictures from Buck's Rock:
  • Buck's Rock - 2005 (NEW!)
  • Buck's Rock - 2004
  • Buck's Rock Reunion - 2003
  • Buck's Rock - 2003
  • Buck's Rock - 2002
  • Buck's Rock Reunion - 2001
  • Buck's Rock - 2001
  • Buck's Rock - 2000

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